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Tomahawk coin was minted with the intention to bridge the two worlds of trading virtual currency and the equity ownership in Tomahawk Exploration LLC. With a solid business plan and business model, designed to maintain and thereby increase the initial value of the ICO, we are distinct from Paycoin and other failed promises hidden behind virtual currencies in the past which had no business plan and highly priced from the gate, Tomahawkcoin will be priced at $0.05, or its USD equivalency in the currently wide and most popular used digital currency, such as Dogecoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ripple.
The total Tomahawkcoin number will be set at 200,000,000 coins, and our intention is to have the coin trade on all applicable exchanges.


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who is Tomahawk Exploration LLC?

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TOMAHAWK EXPLORATION LLC has been registered with the state of Nevada as a private entity specializing in the oil exploration and drilling sector, since 2010 by David Laurance.


Tomahawk Exploration LLC capital requirement is $5,000,000 to commence drilling and thereto function with ease and without restriction towards the main target of commencing drilling of 10 wells available in Kern County California ; therefore, only half or 50%, 100,000,000 Tomahawkcoins will be sold to potential investors.


The estimated price of $0.05 USD price per Tomahawkcoin is based on the IPO (Initial Public Offering) price expectation of the Company set to start trading on the OTC Market at no less than $0.05, and 200,000,000 shares outstanding. Due to the volatility of market conditions, known fluctuations in capital markets, changes in economic variables, and risk inherent to the energy sector, there is no guarantee as to price and / or timing which is subject to change.


The time horizon of 18 months is fundamental to the initial ICO, whereas ICO capital will be used to place Tomahawk Exploration LLC (The Company) into a profitable company and fund the cost of drilling the 10 wells available.


How will Tomahawk sell the crude? When we announce a Discovery there are at least 6 large Oil Brokers knocking at our door trying to get a contract to purchase our oil. They would then pick up oil on site and truck it to refineries or pipelines surrounding Bakersfield. About a 30-50 mile trip. We would get about a $1.50bbl haircut for the Transportation cost.

Projected Revenue

The Company expects more than $500,000 USD to be generated by each well per year based on the reserve reports: 10 wells x $500,000 = $5,000,000 a year revenue projection.
Tomahawk Bounty Scheme.

Rewards: 10 Tom -> 4,000 Tom

Tomahawk Roadmap.

A vision for success, prosperity and opportunity

ICO Starts: 30th July 2017 | ICO Ends: 30th August 2017

Bounty 1

10 TOM for any Article Likes posted about Tomahawkcoin on Medium.com

Bounty 3

20 TOM for Tomahawkcoin Slack Room following and sign up = $1.

Bounty 5

20 TOM for Twitter following = $1.

Bounty 7

20 TOM for coin request at exchanges = $1.

Bounty 9

250 TOM Bounty for promoting TOM with an avatar or signature on BCT.

Bounty 11

300 TOM for an Avatar that can be used on Bitcointalk.

Bounty 13

1500 TOM for 2 professional GIF's Designs = $75.

Bounty 15

1000 TOM for T-shirt Design Contest 1st place = $50.

Bounty 17

300 TOM for T-shirt Design Contest 3rd place = $15.

Bounty 19

3000 TOM Video presentation for Tomahawkcoin uploadable on Youtube, CONTEST 2nd place = $150.

Bounty 2

10 TOM Coupon found on the main site @ www.Tomahawkcoin.com =$0.50

Bounty 4

20 TOM for YouTube like and subscribe = $1.

Bounty 6

20 TOM for Facebook following and like = $1.

Bounty 8

100 TOM for the creation of your country's official flag with Tomahawkcoin Logo incorporated in it (copy transparent background LOGO from main site) = $5.

Bounty 10

300 TOM write a post on your personal Blog or social media account, one post limited per account = $15.

Bounty 12

1000 TOM for PROMO News letter = $50.

Bounty 14

1000 TOM for sharing Tomahawkcoin GIF's on your site = $50.

Bounty 16

500 TOM for T-shirt Design Contest 2nd place = $25.

Bounty 18

4000 TOM Video presentation for Tomahawkcoin uploadable on Youtube, CONTEST 1st place = $200.

Bounty 20

2000 TOM Video presentation for Tomahawkcoin uploadable on Youtube, CONTEST 3rd place = $100.

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